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AEM Core "Container" components not editable in SPA Editor


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I've seen several posts/questions around this topic, but never a clear answer. Here is a Git issue that describes it quite well:



I am currently on AEM 6.5.6 and Core Components 2.11.0 and the issue is still able to be replicated. I attempted to do what was described in the issue:


Hi @davidjgonzalez , had a deeper look with @richardhand and @pfauchere from SPA team.

The problem is that the carousel dialog expects at least one sub item, in the case of a new empty carousel its the placeholder.

In the non-SPA use case the carousel component's HTL script will add this missing resource 'on-the-fly'. This is obivously not happening in the SPA case.

The solution is to add this resource directly as a subnode of your SPA proxy carousel component e.g:


This did not resolve the issue. Has anyone been able to be successful with this?


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I've opened an Adobe support ticket on this since there has not been any significant movement.