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AEM Communities on AEM 6.5 with Solr 9?


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I know there aren't too many folks out there still running AEM Communities - but if you are, a question: 

Are any of you using Solr 8 or Solr 9 with AEM Communities MSRP?  I have an AEM Communities installation using a rather old version of Solr, and I'm looking to upgrade to the latest version that has a hope of working.   The latest "supported" version (officially) is Solr 6.0.  However, I'm curious if anyone else has gotten Communities to work with a later version?  

For context, the Communities & AEM 6.5 infrastructure I'm using is similar to the diagrams on this article: https://www.opsinventor.com/diagrams-of-how-aem-solr-mongo-ugc-msrp-works/ - it's an on-premise SolrCloud cluster presently.  

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