AEM Cloud Questions



  • Does CQ-quickstart-6.3.0.jar  setup anything on local system? OR Can CQ-quickstart-6.3.0.jar be run in AWS Lambda function?
  • Current system uses ‘Watched folder’ to place files and trigger PDF generation. Is there any better way to do this?
  • How to do cluster of AEM with ‘Watched folder’
  • Usecase /sample/ best practices for multi-language support in creating PDF
  • Currently after CQ-quickstart-6.3.0 jar is started, ‘Watched folder’ is configured thru admin console. Can we set the ‘Watched folder’ at the time of startup itself? Can we set/change the ‘Watched folder’ programmatically?
  • When I move to cloud, Do I need to have license only for the component that I am using (for eg PDF generation alone) and install only that?

We are migrating AEM Infra to AWS cloud. Can you please help to get answers for these questions?. Thanks.