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AEM - Basic project setup by Veena vikraman


Actually I had some videos which I made 1 year before, thinking I will do some training videos for Udemy 😜. But I was too lazy or not so confident and those never went online. Now today while I was cleaning up my folders, I found these old videos. I didn't want to delete them completely as it might be helpful for someone. So I will upload them and share it here.

Heads up , please forgive if the videos are not up-to the quality. I have never recorded any training videos ( even-though I have given training ). Please enjoy the videos 🙂

Note :- Videos were made in and around April/May 2019 , so the AEM version is 6.4 and its corresponding Maven archetype at that time. Also you will see a lot of udemy here and there 😉.Please ignore those 😉

Video: https://youtu.be/o08ffHpzIYo
Video: https://youtu.be/G9o-YgdcnKs

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AEM - Basic project setup


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