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AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS) – Quick Introduction by Suryakand


AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS) – Introduction

If you are working in content management space, you must have heard of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM, previously known as CQ5). It is one of the core products offered by Adobe as part of their Adobe Experience Cloud. AEM has evolved over the time from all perspectives (features, maturity, stability, integration with other products and deployment model).

As of today, organizations have 3 options to deploy AEM:

AEM on premisses
AMS – Adobe Managed Service (mainly hosted on AWS)
AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS)
Focus of this article will be on AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS). Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service is a new generation software-as-a-service for AEM by Adobe.

AEMaaCS is based on the leading solution Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and offers outstanding content management (CMS) capabilities and digital asset management (DAM) for marketing and communication teams.

The solution has been entirely designed for the cloud and is scalable, secure, always available, and up to date.

What is AEM as a Cloud Service?

In very simple terms consider that old classic AEM was a big monolithic application and had limitations (e.g., scalability, extensibility) like any other legacy applications that are not cloud native. AEM as a Cloud Service is a result of refactoring of monolithic AEM application into a set of modular components/services that are cloud native. Because of this refactoring, AEM as a Cloud Service inherits benefits of cloud like scalability, agility, extensibility etc. Many core concepts like replication, asset computing/processing, repository services etc. have been changed as part of AEMaaCS offering. We'll look at each one of these concepts in details in upcoming articles.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a Cloud Service is the latest offering of the AEM product line, helping you continue to provide your customers with personalized, content-led experiences. It provides cloud-native agility to accelerate time to value and is extensible to meet your unique business requirements. You can build on past investments and innovations by preserving and extending all your use cases and functionalities.

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AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS) – Quick Introduction


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