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AEM 6.5 - Known issues by Adobe Docs


1. An issue is reported where the CRX-Quickstart, and its contents, are deleted.
On each of these actions, ensure that the property htmllibmanager.fileSystemOutputCacheLocation is not an empty string:
---> a. Calling /libs/granite/ui/content/dumplibs.rebuild.html?invalidate=true .
---> b. Upgrading to AEM 6.5.
---> c. Executing "lazy content migration" on AEM 6.5.
A Knowledge Base article is available with further details and the workaround for this issue.

1. Search: Search does not result any returns if the search string contains leading space(s) ( OAK-4786 )
2. Folder Metadata Schema : After adding a choice button, the ID and Value field are not rendered as expected and the delete functionality does not work. (CQ-4261144)
3. When renaming an asset, it is not possible to use a whitespace in the asset name. (CQ-4266403)

1. When AEM Forms is installed on Linux operating system, Digital Signature with Hardware Security Module do not work. (CQ-4266721)
2. (AEM Forms on WebSphere only) The Forms Workflow > Task Search option does not return any result if you search for an Administrator with Username as the search criteria. (CQ-4266457)
3. AEM Forms fails to convert TIF and TIFF files with JPEG compression to PDF Documents. (CQ-4265972)

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AEM 6.5 - Known issues


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