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AEM 6.5.12 Touch UI- Image/Dynamic media Drop target listener and page refresh- Bug?


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Hello All,


Does anyone know if there is a bug with image/dynamic media droptarget listeners for the touch UI?
I have a component A, and it includes component B. Component B is a dynamic media/video component, where user drags the asset from the content finder/Assets rail onto the component B drop target/placeholder. 
I wanted to refresh the page on drag drop. Although listeners are set for after insert after edit, i still do not see any refreshes occurring. Is it some sort of inline listener that is needed ?



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Hi @NitroHazeDev ,


If you think its a product issue you can raise a support ticket.


Hope this helps



Community Advisor

Hi @NitroHazeDev ,  I hope you have added Listener to Component A and still are seeing this issue. However, If possible can you try this.

    <sly data-sly-resource="${'image' @ resourceType='weretail/components/content/image'}"></sly>

This will include the inner component as a resource instead of including it.



~Hope this helps,



Aditya Chabuku


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Thanks @Aditya_Chabuku  I really need a parsys since the ask is to drop a component. That is the way it was somehow designed .. I don’t have a listener as such to the parent.. how do you suggest I do so ? I thought of refreshing the page after drag drop of asset onto the component placeholder (there is no droptarget image per say just an empty placeholder)  and thereby attaching it to the child but adding after insert edit etc did not trigger page refresh 


kindly suggest 


Community Advisor

Hi @NitroHazeDev ,   I suggest two approaches to do so,

Approach 1: 

1. Include Layout Container as a Resource.  

<sly data-sly-resource="${'container' @ resourceType='core/wcm/components/container/v1/container'}"></sly>

2. Now Allow your components into this container from Policies.

3. Drag & Drop your desired components.

Note:  You don't need to write any script explicitly to make this Refresh after child insert. 


Approach 2

In your Component, at editConfig Node, at cq:listeners node just add this script to make it refresh after child insert.



Let me know how it went.?

~Aditya Chabuku



Aditya Chabuku