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AEM 6.4 - Programatic flush request


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I'm trying to perform a flush request from a custom workflow step.

In order to send the request I'm using the  sendFlushUrl method from the FlushService.
But when  when I do in the error log I get the following message:

com.adobe.cq.social.ugcbase.dispatcher.impl.FlushServiceImpl Worker.run: no agents available - ignoring flush: FlushJob[urlToFlush=/content/xxx/xxx/xxx, refetchUrls=/content/xxx/xxx/xxx]

I had configured the default dispatcher flush agent to point the webserver url.

Does anyone face this problem or know any other way to do it?

Thanks in advance

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Hi, sorry for the delayed response


With the cURL call form a terminal it works as expected, not sure why the method described not work.

I review the configuration and it seems to be correct. I've already check the link you posted, that's why I was trying to use the sendFlushUrl from the FlushService.

I finally archive a solution, after a review on the requirements, using the replicator service and a EventListener.

Thank you both for your collaboration.


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Hi qglez

I am looking for the same solution, Could you please pass the source for Listener and Replicator service in this thread ?



In order to make the flush service working properly, create flush agents for each dispathcer with following additional settings-

1. Set the Request method - "POST" because this service expects a POST method flush agent.

2. Send additional parameter for "resource only replication"

Also, there are other way to do this. Please have a look at AEM 6.0 and above: Programmatic Cache Invalidation in AEM 6


Kautuk Sahni