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AEM 6.4 Granite shows JS error _EditableUtils when authoring editable templates


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We're running an instance on AEM The authoring interface does not load anymore when attempting to author editable templates. It shows the following JS error: TypeError: ns.ContentFrame._EditableUtils is undefined


Using the debugger, I can see that this function is affected, which seems to be Granite built-in:

ns.ContentFrame._EditableUtils.shouldFilterEditable = function (editable) {
    return !!editable


The problem occurs with and without minification. Any ideas?

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What error do you see in error.log file when you try to reproduce the issue?

Did it start happening recently, or it's been observed since the beginning?


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Thank you for replying @sunjot16. I could solve the issue, it was a faulty overlay (but I cannot delete the question...)