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AEM 6.3 - Version Exception After Author edits the page


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I am exactly referring to this issue - VersionException after author edits a page but in AEM 6.3.

This issue should not occur in AEM 6.3 as there was an FP released in AEM 6.2 per the above link.

I am currently seeing the same behavior in AEM 6.3 following the below steps -

- Login as non admin user - say user1

- Edit the page - And lock the page after edit.

- Later sometime, use request for publication without unlocking the page -

- User with admin/publish rights could publish this page ignoring that the page is locked. Now the page is published.

- Later when same user user1 unlock the page and try to edit, they would see the following error on the page.  Users can't edit the pages anymore.


In the back end I see the following errors

     org.apache.sling.servlets.post.impl.operations.ModifyOperation Exception during response processing.

     javax.jcr.version.VersionException: Cannot set property. Node is checked in.

As detailed in the above pasted adobe article, user was able to edit the page once its checked out using crx/explorer.

Ideally, pages should not be published unless the page is in unlocked state.

Comments, thoughts ? kautuksahni

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Hi sureshr19072451,

This seems to be the bug in AEM so you need to unlock the page from touch ui sites and click on the unlock icon of particular page, after unlocking it will be fine and able to edit.

Yes this appears to be a bug in AEM 6.2. And the docs says, its fixed with an FP for 6.2 and won't be seen in 6.3.

My point is it is still an issue in 6.3. As Laura mentioned, Adobe has to investigate to see if it was ever fixed in any AEM version and do the needful. I totally understand, unlocking the page prior to publishing it will solve the problem. But in the first place, AEM should not allow publish action when a page is locked is what I believe.

Thanks for the response.


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Best way to proceed here is to reach out to customer care. The community is not customer care and does not own hotfixes.


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Thanks Scott. I will reach out CC through day care.