AEM 6.3 to AEM 6.5 in place upgrade - Issues with managepublication workflow



Dear homies,
We have been migrating AEM to AEM I am following all the restructuring documentation as per the below link -

I have restructured the models and scripts from /etc/workflow path to their new respective paths as per the documentation above. 


The issue I am facing is - 
After restructuring workflow models from /etc/workflow/models to /conf/global/settings/workflow/models using Edit/sync suggestions, if I remove /etc/workflow/models files then my overlayed managepublication wizard at - apps/cq/gui/content/common/managepublicationwizard, publish/unpublish page wizard at apps/wcm/core/content/sites/publishpagewizard & apps/wcm/core/content/sites/unpublishpagewizard stops working. It doesn't show me any option for Manage Publication in the Sites Navigation panel and it doesn't show me Request publication/unpublication in page edit view.
If I put the /etc/workflow back then it all starts working well and I am able to see the Manage Publication/Request Publication and Unpublication options for the page. 

*The changes in these overlayed files is just updating the properties requestActivationWorkflow and requestDeactivationWorkflow to start using my custom workflow instead of default activation/deactivation workflows. Also it doesn't work if update the location of the models to /conf/global/settings/workflow/models, I believe even if I use /etc/workflow here it auto resolves to /conf or /var/workflow/, not sure?


I have not given the replication rights to authors and the manual workflow that I have written assigns the workflow request to the respective publishers group for the author who triggered the request. Logs haven't been too helpful either, I have the debug logs on as well.
If I can't remove the /etc/workflow directory then there is no point doing the restructuring, help me please experts!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @aaykay22,

Workflow resolution order is /conf -> /libs -> /etc.

If it is not working after removing /etc, below are the possible reasons

  • Your overlayed publication is still expecting model from /etc path or synced workflow in /conf path is not respected. (though you have migrated/synced all your workflows to /conf)
  • Custom manage publication wizard might not be in par with its equivalent OOB definition of 6.5.6

Try doing the below in the order mentioned

  • Affirm the successful migration of workflows at first place (Sync all the existing workflow to /conf path. Trigger workflow and check if run time model is created in /var path -> If yes, remove from /etc and check again by triggering workflow) (for reason #1)
  • Update the properties in your overlay structure to the newly migrated path -> Test
  • If it is still not working, then remove the entire overlay structure. Create fresh overlay structure from being in 6.5.6 (for the reason #2)

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