AEM 6.3 SAML integration.




can you please help me on integrating aem 6.3 with saml 2.0

Here is the procedure i followed.

1) installed jdk and JCE(cryptographic extension)

2)in aem /configmngr saml 2.0 Authentication handler added the IDP certificate alias key and Key SP private key alias

3) but it is showing error " unable to decrypt private key"

Please help me  on this.

to generate the key.

1) truststore management - i get the key from my IDP server and upload in the truststore management and use that alias in SAML authentication handler.

2) Key store management - i generated the KEY using PKCS#8 DER  using unix  openssh keytool as mentioned in ADobe documentation. and then i uploaded

in the aem keystrore management with .der as private key and .crt as m y certificate.

     aem_key.der- as private key.

    aem_cert.crt - as certificate

below is the screenshot of how i upload -  private key File i upload aem_key*.der  file and certificate Chain i upload  aem_cert*.crt file

Add Private Key from DER file

but it is showing  "java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not retrieve SP's private key from KeyStore." please help me on this.





Hi arun.

AEM has made the Private key mandatory in 6.3 , so definitely there must something you have missed while creating a PRIVATE KEY

or can I know which version of java are using and it's better to change the SAML and ERROR logs to DEBUG level .

Hope this helps you

REF :- Integrating SAML with Adobe Experience Manager

Thank you ,

Venkata saiKiran Thirdhala