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AEM 6.3 : Is it possible to extend Content Fragments content delivery implementation?


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Hello all,

I saw that in AEM 6.3, there is already built in orchestration to manage dispatcher flush, etc. of referenced Content Fragments on AEM pages.

Documentation here: Adobe Experience Manager Help | Understanding AEM Content Fragment Delivery Considerations

I was curious whether its possible to extend this orchestration which is done using Sling Jobs for any custom reference components on the site? For example, if I have a custom reference component (which is not based on the foundation reference component), will I be able to use the implementation built for Content Fragments?

Thank you,

Sagar Sane

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Level 10

This is an AEM feature - not a component that can be overlayed or modified.


Level 2

Thank you Scott.

Yes I understand. Though I was curious whether the feature was customizable to allow for providing a custom resourceType to the Sling Job topic.

I think it is a very useful feature so I was hoping to reuse it for a custom resourceType (especially to reuse the dispatcherflush module).