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AEM 6.1 Touch UI Component Inplace editing not working


Level 2

I have created a text-image component using sightly, to be used in touch UI. Need Inplace editing functionality for the same.

Added editconfig with inplaceEditing node but its not working for touch UI and working for classic UI.

Compared with OOB textimage component, there I'm able to do inplace editing and one edit pencil is also visible on component toolbar.

Have both dialog and cq: dialog with proper fields as well. Not able to find what is the issue with my component.

Please help

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Level 7
  Are you getting RTE when you click on the pencil icon? Did you change the property name of inplace editor RTE from "text" to anything?


Level 2

I'm able do to inpace editing for the component after using OOB textimage.js file but not otherwise.


Now I have another component which have number of text fields along with an image field. I want to enable inplace editing only for image. I added inplace editing node as in OOB image component. I'm able to see edit pencil and after clicking on it toolbar to edit image appears.

    - I'm not able to drap drop image directlyBut again its not working.

   - I'm able to rotate the image also, but after the inplace editing toolbar is closed. Changes don't reflect.

And I don't want to use server side scripts so I cant use Image.js to make it work as in OOB image component.


Please help.