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AEM 6.1 SP1 in place upgrade to 6.2


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Are there specific documents to run an in place upgrade from AEM 6.1 SP1 to 6.2? I did not have success when trying to unpack AEM 6.2 quickstart over the 6.1 crx-quickstart directory. Please advise.

Thank you

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Hope this information here [1] would help

[1] https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-2/deploy/upgrade.html


If not can you provide the steps you are following and the issue you are facing ?


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No you dont have to upgrade to SP2.

I followed the below steps and it worked for me without any issues.

1. Go to 6.1 folder and copy the 6.2 jar file

2. stop the 6.1 instance and double click on 6.2 jar

3. it started successfully with 6.2 version and prodinfo is shown properly as 6.2

Make sure you have the right version jar.

I copied the AEM_6.2_Quickstart.jar to the same directory as the AEM_6.1_Quickstart.jar , stopped AEM, ran the start command java -jar AEM_6.2_Quickstart.jar -r author,crx3,crx3tar,nosamplecontent. I'm not able to to doubleclick since I'm running on red hat 6 cli.

The initial AEM 6.1 installation I performed that doing the unpack. Not sure if this has anything to do with the upgrade process?

I know the jar file is correct because if I unpack jar file in a new directory it works: java -jar AEM_6.2_Quickstart.jar -unpack

I attached a picture to better show the directory.

I've attached another screenshot of me starting the AEM_6.2_Quickstart.jar but when I check the version it still shows 6.1 SP1. Will I need to perform a clean install and migrate all the content manually?


You dont have to !! It should be working and we need to figure out whats happening with the command start. I will check that aswell and let you know.

Meanwhile, when the instance starts are you seeing the new 6.2 UI ?? To quickly verify that in 6.2 there is no left rail menu.

Not sure if this is what you meant by the left rail menu. I don't believe this is the new 6.2 Menu. Please see attached.


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I tried the exact steps of yours using command prompt and it absolutely worked fine.

Are you seeing any error in the logs when you start 6.2 version ?

I attached the error logs to the attachment. There are other error logs in this tail that are not relevant. Maybe this will give you a better idea of whats going on. In this environment I do have some exclusions set up to not index certain directories for the Lucene Index.


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I understand this is pretty old thread, but still answering.

Problem could be your startup script. If you are using the default AEM provider startup scripts like start.sh, then it refers to jar provided under /crx-quickstart/app/cq-quickstart-6.2.0-standalone-quickstart.jar to start AEM and not the actual jar through which you extract/install the AEM repo the first time.

Try to replace the jar under apps with the one from 6.2 and see if it works.


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Thanks I was able to get this upgraded by running the current AEM_6.1_Quickstart.jar. Which populated the quickstart.properties file. After that I just ran the AEM_6.2_Quickstart.jar.


Before starting the preparation steps, make sure you run the source instance first by executing it with the java -jar aem-quickstart.jar command. This is required in order to make sure that the quickstart.properties file is generated properly. If it is missing, the upgrade will not work.

Alternatively, you can check whether the file is present by looking under crx-quickstart/conf in the installation folder of the source instance.