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Advanced Concepts of AEM Headless by Adobe Docs


This end-to-end tutorial continues the basic tutorial that covered the fundamentals of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Headless and GraphQL. The advanced tutorial illustrates in-depth aspects of working with Content Fragment Models, Content Fragments, and the AEM GraphQL API, including using AEM GraphQL in a client application.

Complete the quick setup for AEM as a Cloud Service to configure your environment.

It is highly recommended that you complete the previous basic tutorial and video series tutorials before proceeding with this advanced tutorial. Although you can complete the tutorial using a local AEM environment, this tutorial only covers the workflow for AEM as a Cloud Service.

This tutorial covers the following topics:

Create Content Fragment Models using validation rules and more advanced data types such as Tab Placeholders, nested fragment references, JSON objects, and Date & Time data types.
Author Content Fragments while working with nested content and fragment references, and configure folder policies for content fragment authoring governance.
Explore AEM GraphQL API capabilities using GraphQL queries with variables and directives.
Persist GraphQL queries with parameters in AEM and learn how to use cache-control parameters with persisted queries.
Integrate requests for persisted queries into the sample WKND GraphQL React app using the AEM Headless JavaScript SDK.
Advanced concepts of AEM Headless overview
The following video provides a high-level overview of the concepts that are covered in this tutorial. The tutorial includes defining Content Fragment Models with more advanced data types, nesting Content Fragments, and persisting GraphQL queries in AEM.

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Advanced Concepts of AEM Headless


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