Adone Livecycle to AEM Forms Migration



I have a requirement from one of my friend's firm where he wants to migrate from his Adobe Livecycle workflow based form management to AEM forms. Since there is an end of support planned for Livecycle, the migration needs to be quick and also there is a need for scalability.

So this is the ask in specific, existing is a cluster installation running Livecycle ES3 and need to go to 6.3.

I could see that the upgrade path suggested by Adobe is ES3->ES4->AEM6.1->AEM6.3. This is both lengthy and costly. Is there a manual route that can allow the migration to happen directly. May be like I can create the two clusters and then somehow take the assets out of livecycle into the AEM forms and thing start working?

If yes, then what is the scope of effort I am seeing here, like first setting up the 6.3 then probably taking a dump of assets (what all assets that need to be migrated) and what to do with Livecycle assets in AEM 6.3 to make it work?

Any quick support will be helpful.