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Adobe Summit 2019 | L764 - Getting Started with AEM 6.5


Level 10


Session Details

New to Experience Manager? This introductory session highlights its support for fluid experiences.

Highlights include:

  • Introduction to e-commerce in Experience Manager
  • Assets integration with Adobe Stock and custom tagging
  • Using workflows for fluid experiences


James Talbot, Tech Enablement Team Lead: AEM & Integration, Adobe

Session Length

90 Minutes

Catalog Link

L764 - Experience League Intelligent Guidance | Adobe


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2 Replies


Level 2

This was a great session. Learned a lot. Thanks to James Talbot, Varun Mitra and others whose names I did not catch.

In connection with the Smart Tagging feature that we explored, is it safe to say that one would need an Adobe Stock subscription for the feature to be fully effective since it compares pics in the DAM with similar pics in AS in order to determine the appropriate tags?

Secondly, would the Learning part of the Smart Tagging still work without the AS subscription since that apparently should have no dependency on AS?

Thirdly, I saw in another related video that specific action needs to be taken to connect to Adobe Sensei in the cloud. Does this require a subscription as well?

Finally, are there any plans for adding bidirectional sync to the Connected DAM feature so that changes made locally are synced back to the central/remote DAM?

Thanks again!