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Adobe Search & Promote: Search Relevancy Tuning by Albin Issac


In this tutorial let us discuss the details on Search Relevance tuning in Adobe Search & Promote.
What is Search Relevance?

Relevance is the process of ranking the search result for a search based on content significance to the users. The Search engine applies the Ranking rules and Business rules to order the search result before sending back the result to the website users.
The search engines calculate the relevancy score for each of the matching documents and order the result based on the relevance score.

The relevancy of the search data can be modified following a different approach in Adobe Search & Promote, let us discuss different options.
Metadata weighting
Metadata definitions (Settings →Metadata →Definitions) allow you to apply a relevancy value to any metadata field from 0 to 10

Fields that have little or no relevancy for search are assigned lower relevancy values and fields with high search relevancy are assigned higher relevancy values
The ranking is applied when a user’s search matches or partially matches a corresponding field
The documents matching the “Search Term” with Higher Relevance Fields ordered first in the search result.
For example, a document having the title as “test” and other document having description as “test”, the relevance for the title field is 10 and the relevance for the description field is 5. The document with the title “test” will be ordered first in the search result before the document with the description as “test”
Metadata weighting sets the relevancy between fields, the order of fields to be considered to order the search results.
e.g the document has the “test” in the title is ordered before the document having “test” in the description

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Adobe Search & Promote: Search Relevancy Tuning


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