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Adobe MarTech in a Cookie-Less World by Praveen Penupati


The cookie-less story is becoming bigger for marketers. Brands want to gain insights how cookie-less would impact their Adobe stack, what cookie-less means for marketing, and how they overcome any business challenges.

Cookies —Back to basics
Cookies are small pieces of data that web servers pass to your browser when you visit a site. They efficiently track data on a user (e.g., logins, browsing behaviour, site visits, etc.)

1st-party cookies
Created by the domain the user is visiting.

3rd-party cookies
Created by a 3rd party domain/advertiser.

Cookie prominence in digital marketing
1st party cookies are used for personalisation, tracking metrics like pages browsed and items in a shopping cart.
3rd party cookies are used for retargeting, cross-domain tracking, programmatic ad serving.

What is cookie-less?
Browsers are adapting to consumers’ privacy expectations and new privacy regulations. That’s why giants like Apple and Google are introducing new features that impact data collection for marketers.

The most important change is that all 3rd-party cookies will be deprecated by 2023.
This also impacts 1st-party cookies lifespan on Apple platforms.

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Adobe MarTech in a Cookie-Less World


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