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Adobe Experience Manager, the leading headless CMS* | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Adobe Experience Manager, the leading headless CMS* by Adobe


Adobe Experience Manager is a headless CMS, who knew?
Let's explore why organisations are evaluating headless content delivery and how AEM can help.

Why would you need a headless CMS?
IT is looking to address Agility and Flexibility
Organisations want to deliver app-like experiences in addition to regular content pages
Javascript frameworks like React and Angular have matured
Content delivery channels have increased in number and technology has diversified
So, IT needs a flexible, decoupled, developer friendly CMS.

AEM's Pillars for Headless
GraphQL and Content Services power efficient rendering in client applications and robust APIs for content management
AEM's Content Fragment Model editor enables you to define content models, relationships and governance via a no-code GUI.
Our content fragment editor is an intuitive user interface for creating and managing content.
Experience Fragments can be delivered as json objects or plain html while enabling rich personalisation across channels

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Adobe Experience Manager, the leading headless CMS*


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