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Adobe Experience Manager: AEM as a Cloud ServiceのAEMインスタンスにcURLでアクセスする方法



Note: This is a Japanese translation of an Adobe Experience League Knowledge Base article. Click this link for the original English version.

AEM as a Cloud ServiceのAEMインスタンスにcURLでアクセスする方法を説明します。

AEM as a Cloud Service

1. Cloud Managerにアクセス

2. cURLを利用する環境(dev, stage, prod)のDeveloper Consoleを開く

3. Integrations/Local Token/Get Local Development Tokenをクリック



    "ok": true,
    "statusCode": 200,
    "accessToken": "eyJh ・・・省略・・・3XAA"


4. 出力されたaccessTokenを使いcURLコマンドを実行


$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <accessTokenの値>" "<AEMのURL>"


$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer eyJh・・・省略・・・3XAA" "https://author-p12345-e6789.adobeaemcloud.com/content/wknd/us/en.json"
{"jcr:created":"Wed Feb 22 2023 04:07:45 GMT+0000","jcr:createdBy":"admin","jcr:primaryType":"cq:Page"}




KB記事タイトル(英語). Adobe Experience Manager: How to access your AEM instance in AEM as a Cloud Service with cURL, March 23, 2023, https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-cloud-kcs/kbarticles/KA-21737.html, (参照 2023-03-23).

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