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July 31st AEM Gems Webinar: Elevate your AEM development to master the integration of private GitHub repositories within AEM Cloud Manager.

Adobe Developers Live, October 2021, Session | AEM S101 - Transform, Adapt and Optimize Images through URLs




Session Details

Images can take over 60% of the total bandwidth in your digital experiences, and for media-rich, image heavy experiences, this can be as high as 85%. To drive best experiences for your users, it is important to optimize the images being served. Learn how AEM Dynamic Media can power better user experience and improved conversion rates, through its industry leading Smart Imaging capability and host of other dynamic imaging feature set. This session will help technical folks understand best practices around using Dynamic Media URLs and modifiers, sort of one stop shop, without them having to achieve image optimization through trial and error.

Experience League Session Recording 

Session Schedule

10/4/21 10:15 PDT 10/4/21 19:15 CEST


Karanjeet Singh and Apoorva Gupta


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Q&A from the Session

The information Karanjeet is sharing right now is gold. Will this information be posted somewhere for us to reference later? yes, the presentation will be shared later to all attendees
Could you discuss SVG support? Dynamic Media supports SVG. More details here - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/dynamic-media-developer-resources/image-serving-api/image-se...
Can these URL parameters also be used in Scene7? Yes, URL parameters discussed can be used in Dynamic Media Classic (erstwhile Scene7) 
Any recommendations as far as caching these images, and availability on CDNs? Dynamic Media Classic and AEM Dynamic Media comes with a bundled CDN available at no additional charge (More details here - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/assets/dynamicmedia/invalid...). Customers can also choose to get their own CDN, but some capabilities wont be available (as decribed here - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/assets/dynamicmedia/config-...)
if we are using smart imaging already do we need to request any updates to get avif support? AVIF will be supported in Smart Imaging in H1 2022. When we GA that, existing Smart Imaging customers will need to raise a support ticket to enable it on their custom domain.
Any specific performance tests for author env for AEMaaCS, Previously we had toughday but it seems to be outdated. Toughday was always just a test-suite to evaluate the (hardware-) plattform, and less something to test an application. Toughday is still working, but the results are less meaningful.
Thank you for sharing the presentation to the attendees. Will specific details and notes that are being spoken to (and not included on the slide) be shared out as well? Yes
Do these transformations happen in real time and do we need to account for compute power to make sure we get desired performance? All transformation happen in real time with Smart Imaging. You need not account for any compute power. 
Does smart imaging modify the image rendered for different breakpoints through browser resize or only on page load? For browser resize request you to use responsive image presets. Smart imaging works with both.
is Dynamic Media also applicable for Videos? Yes
any configuration needs make if assets(image / video) are larger in size ? No
Re; AVIF & WebP, are there any standards/recommendations for using these formats with a fallback for older browsers (e.g. IE11)? Smart Imaging auto detects if browser supports AVIF/WEBP and will convert only if it supported. Else fallbacks to original PNG/JPEG as requested
Smart Imaging will not deliver webp/avif if it is not supported Correct


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