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Adobe Developers Live, May 2023 | Hands-on creating a site with the new JavaScript blocks



Adobe Developer Live October 2023

Session Details

Key Value: Next-generation composability is the latest innovation of AEM Sites. It comes with an all-new authoring and developer experience to build the fastest sites on the web. Content: In this session, you will learn how to develop new sites with next-generation composability from the ground up; how a typical project is set up and structured, how the development workflow works, how to style content, implement custom blocks and how to get your changes to production with a focus on web performance. ->getting to know block concept ->rendering ->develop a site

Session Recording

Session Schedule

23rd May, 2023 | 08:30-09:15 PST OR 16:30-17:15 UTC OR 17:30-18:15 CET


Hannes Hertach, Software Engineer, Adobe




Edge Publish & Authoring Services

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Kautuk Sahni
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Thank you very much for the session. You mentioned in it that for a custmer to be able to use this, they only need to have an AEM Sites as a Cloud Service license and that the metrics at license level will be the same if they use this approach to create a new website. The video was very interesting, but I have a few questions:

  • Is a Github repository necessary to create a new website? If the client doesn't have one, can another repository be used?
  • How do you associate a new website to a client's account to be taken into account in terms of licensing?
  • The component blocks are always developed using Javascript, is there any possibility of including server side code? Because there are certain contents that may be of interest to be in the HTML of the page (e.g. SEO tags).
  • Is there a workflow for validating and publishing content?

Thanks in advance!




  • Yes, you need a Github repository. You can create your own repository, for your own user, by clicking "use this template" on our boilerplate: https://github.com/adobe/helix-project-boilerplate
  • Please direct questions about licensing to your Adobe account team.
  • Most things that need to be rendered server-side for SEO can be added via metadata. If there really is a need for SSR, you can do this on your CDN level, eg. using Cloudflare Edge Workers. We would recommend trying to solve your usecase in client-side javascript first.
  • You can use review/approval workflows withing sharepoint and google drive - the workflows that most content authors will likely already be familiar with form working with documents.

I hope that answers your questions.