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Adobe Developers Live, May 2023 | API Tour - Get to know the new APIs we shipped in the last 6 months



Adobe Developer Live October 2023

Session Details

Key value: This session is about the ongoing transition to a Headless architecture for AEM. This will focus on performing all actions through simple but powerful API calls, while maintaining speed of process. Content: The two APIs we will cover are the Content Fragment Models (CFM) and Content Fragments(CF) control plane APIs. Using these two APIs, users can easily create complex models as well as populate them in a fast and straightforward manner. You will be guided through creating a new Content Fragment Model and then populating Content Fragments based on it. Then, we will update the Model and create other Fragments based on the new structure. Once done, we will start looking at more complex use cases revolving around creating more Content Fragment Models in one request: -> Creating CFMs without references to other CFMs -> Creating CFMs with references to existing CFMs -> Creating CFMs with references to new CFMs (CFMs that will be created in the same request) -> Creating CFMs with references to new and old CFMs -> Bad requests, such as referencing to inexistent CFMs or cycles

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Session Schedule

23rd May, 2023 | 08:30-09:15 PST OR 16:30-17:15 UTC OR 17:30-18:15 CET


Matei Neagu, Sorftware Developer Engineer, Adobe





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Kautuk Sahni
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Is there a GitHub link where we can refer the APIs link and try these?



We are not GA with them yet and we are expecting significant changes (including to the schema) in the very near future.



Is this also available for Service Pack and on-prem AEM implementations?