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Adobe AEM 6.0 component default control by howtoaem Blog


Adobe AEM 6.0 component default control
When building components in AEM, by default new components, are created with an associated JSP file for rendering.

For builds using Sightly, each time a component has created the developer must delete the JSP file and create the required HTML file.

This leads to wasted time and effort, not to mention frustration for developers having to complete a repetitive task.

Can AEM be configured so the default rendering generated is HTML rather than JSP?

Thank you

Best How To:
I don't think such a configuration is possible in AEM, primarily because, the creation of component and its JSP is handled through Javascript.

Even the initial content available within the JSP file is populated through this JS only.

A short snippet from the JS is shown here

// create component JSP
var nodeName = label + ".jsp";
var compJspFile = CRX.Util.createNode(nodeName, nodeName,
CRX.util.NT_FILE, component, loader);

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Adobe AEM 6.0 component default control


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