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Adding or customizing project user roles


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We are starting to roll out AEM for our organization and I am really excited to introduce the concept of projects to the users. The problem that I can see is that currently projects have a very limited concept of team roles. Currently it only provides the option to set up users as either an Observer, Editor or Owner. I can probably make this work for some of my smaller projects, but I would like to know if it is an option to add additional user roles to include existing user groups that have already defined for some of my larger projects. Examples might include Marketing, Branding etc. We would like to use these new groups to set control access to not only what activities that can do on the project but also what content rights do they have on the experiences tied to the project (websites mostly).

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.


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Hi Ben,

I know its a really old post, but I am in your shoes today. Were you able to solve this problem?