Adding Next/Previous button links for journal/blog entry_topic page



After using the out of the box AEM journal/blog component to create several posts on a page, when I click on a post to view the entry_topic page of the post, is there any functionality available to be able to modify the entry_topic.hbs file to include next/previous links to link to the next or previous blog posts?

Using AEM 6.3.






I don't think, you will be able to maintain the info about prev or next post, once you have rendered entry_topic. Looks unlikely to achieve this unless you write a really inefficient code for server side extension[0] to include prev and next journal's link in your entry_topic object and then extend hbs to include them in your UI. You can take a look at code at [3] to figure out, how to begin. Inefficient because, you will have to update the prev and next properties in every ugc in case of deletion of entry_topics.

NOTE : IMHO, you should not be doing this.

[0] - Server-side Customization

[1] - Client-side Customization

[3] - GitHub - Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/aem-communities-extensions: General AEM Communities samples and exten...