Adding meta tags and titles to websites, web pages and images

nicsin1234 02-01-2019


Where can I find information around best practices on on-page and image optimization using meta tags, titles, keywords and descriptions in AEM?

The broken link in the forum was never addressed: How do I add Meta tags to pages?

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to expand on the answer from edubey,​ you need to determine the meta data you wish to include in your page, this is often mandated by the client or the SEO/design agency. It's a big topic that is constantly changing based on what the search engines/facebook/twitter are currently recommending, so best to get this guidance from SEO experts.

You then need to determine which of these properties can be automatically generated (these can be added to the template and the actual values generated on page rendering) or have to be added manually, these can be added to page/component properties and inputed by the author. For adding alt text to an image, you can do this with the Image Component .



edubey 03-01-2019

Most of things in like metatags, title, image optimization are similar to what you see for any website

You can create tags in aem. For any page, author those in default or custom tag field you get in page properties and render it via you HTL in meta tag

However there are certain seo practices you can follow from aem point

SEO and URL Management Best Practices