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adding Composit mutilfield RTE on ContentFragment in AEMasCS


Level 3

Hi Dev's / Arch's,

           I was following this below url for adding composite multifield RTE on my CFG, when i add RTE its not working as expected. Kindly please let me know is there any option to add composite multifield RTE on my CFG. Appreciate youre help here.





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Community Advisor

Do you see any errors ?  - when i add RTE its not working as expected - what is your requirement here?


Level 3

Hi @SureshDhulipudi , Thanks for your response, Please find my screenshot below, i was trying to add composite multifield RTE, after my trouble shooting i was able to add the multifield RTE on my Content fragment(CFG). when i save the field, i was able to save the data into my node as well. when i edite the CFG, i was not able to see expected result like same as adding new RTE. Please find the screenshot below.

I was able to create new string and RTE as per link Experience AEM .

Screendhot : 1 :Created new RTE and String Field screenshot.



Screendhot : 2 :

CFG Data has been stored under /content/dam/experience-aem/experience-aem/jcr:content/data/master



Screendhot : 3:

When i click on edit as below,



Screendhot : 4 :

Its not loading the RTE data stored on the crx/de which was when we created as new RTE as shown in first screenshot.



Please find the code used



Github link 

Package used to install on packagemanger 

Kindly please advice.


when i edit getting below error.


here is the js code below