add fields to interactive form with fixed pages



I have used LiveCycle Designer once a year for several years to add one text field and several image fields to a pdf/"interactive form with fixed pages". We have one student souvenir calendar template that we fill with unique pictures from each camp week to create a unique calendar for each week of summer campers.

I have a new computer and LiveCycle Designer is no longer on it and no longer available for purchase. Adobe Experience Manager has replaced it. I need a simple solution for our non-profit summer camp to be able to make a pdf template of our summer calendar with a place to upload 'images' in pre-set holes in the pdf calendar template. Is purchasing Adobe Experience Manager the only resolution? I looked at Google Docs and Adobe Acrobat options, but they were limited (font size, ability to turn pics upside down for template set-up). Thank you for any help you can provide.