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Add data-nosnippet html attribute to a DIV contains text


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Dear community members,

My AEM site has a content section that is wrapped within a master Div class. To tell Google not to use textual parts of an HTML page as a snippet showing on SERP. The site's textual parts are wrapped within a master div class (<div class="content box section">)

Google Documentation: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/crawling-indexing/robots-meta-tag#data-nosnippet-attr

It would be a great help if, anyone here guide me on how it is possible to add HTML attributes within a DIV class.

Happy New Year in advance.
Saday Kumar

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Hello @Sadaykumar 


I hope you have also explored "Robots" property available in Page properties. It has following options OOTB



Aanchal Sikka


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Thank you @aanchal-sikka for your reply.. 

I belive, this will add nosnippet tag for all the content present on the page. Kindly let me know will this tag help to add data-nosnippet to a piece of content section? 




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Hope I am able to elaborate the situation and its making sense. It would be great if you help me in this context.





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I would assume your AEM web page is made up of several component's, and your content author's would like granular control, on which component blocks should have the data-nosnippet or not.

How I am going to do this is by adding the data-nosnippet feature to my components. I would target the affected component's and then add a new section in the touch ui called "SEO",. Within the "SEO" section, include a checkbox for data-nosnippet. When this checkbox is enabled, the data-nosnippet will appear, and if not (default setting), the HTML element will never exist.