Adaptive Form Table Component Issues



Hi Everyone,

We've been getting some issues when using the OOTB table component(/libs/fd/af/components/table) on Adaptive forms. These are the issues I found so far:

  • After adding the table on an AF, replacing the text field to static text in a table cell causes the text in the static text object to not be editable
  • When overlaying the component, basic functionality such as adding rows and columns doesn't work anymore


  • Linux Ubuntu & Mint:
    • AEM 6.3 with latest service pack(AEM-
    • Forms package(AEM-FORMS-
  • Windows 10:
    • AEM 6.4
    • Forms package(AEM-FORMS-6.4-WIN)

I am able to reproduce both issues on both AEM 6.3 and AEM 6.4 on both Linux and Windows.