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AccountManagementService API - can't find resources used for it


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I'm using AccountManagementService to handle user creation and reset password actions.

So currently I have Reset password component, wich have reset-password.html, where I have a form with new password and confirm new password inputs.

But also I have POST.html file with following:

<sly data-sly-resource="${'confirm' @ resourceType='security/accountmgr/confirm'}"/>

Currently I'm making ajax call to resource path and POST.html is triggered, so password reset action is confirmed, after that I'm redirecting user to login page if call is successful.

So I have a few questions:
1) Where can I find sources for resourceType='security/accountmgr/confirm' in jcr? How is it working?

2) It's better to configure redirection page in dialog, but as far as I have both reset-password.html and POST.html - I can't create the dialog, it's not working.

Any suggestions?

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Here is the community article on Reset the password:- AEM Developer Learning : Reset Password using AccountManagementService API in AEM 6.2 - Part2

Kautuk Sahni