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Accessing screens display properties in custom component


Level 5

Can we access screens display properties in my custom component using slightly?




components are in channels so they are separately


How can i access that area? Thanks.

AEM 6.4.4

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you can access any resource and there properties in sightly using JS use API or Java sling Model.


@Model(adaptables = { Resource.class, SlingHttpServletRequest.class })

public class ImageMetadataModel {



private String screenPath;


private ResourceResolver resourceResolver;

public String getProperty () {

Resource resource = resourceResolver.getResource(screenPath);

String property = “”;

if (resource != null) {

Page page = resource.adaptTo(Page.class);

property = page.getTitle();


return property;



Arun Patidar


Level 5

Thanks Arun for taking your time to reply.

I know I can access jcr properties thru JCR API. But what I am trying to solve is access screens location properties thru custom component.

     - create custom component.(should display location property)

     - add component in sequence-channel.

     - assign sequence-channel to a screens location display.

     - get the location properties thru custom component.(must be dynamic since the custom component can be assigned in any location display.)

Hope I made my self understandable. If not Please tell me.


Level 5

In other words. I'm trying to know the location in which my custom component is added.



Community Advisor

you can try with pageProperties object HTL Global Objects

Arun Patidar