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Access object initialized in template inside Components


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Hi folks,

I have this below inside my template and now the coreObject has some public properties I need to access inside a component i am creating is this possible? How can it be done in just sightly?

Template snippet:

<div data-sly-use.coreObject="${'com.tgclass.core.servlets.ViewPolicy' @ PNumber=request.requestParameterMap['PNumber'][0].toString, LName=request.requestParameterMap['LName'][0].toString}" data-sly-test="${coreObject}">

Component snippet

<p><b>Country of Residence:  </b> ${coreObject.GetIsoCountry @ context='unsafe'}</p>.

The reason is I need these components inside Experience fragments to make the whole page authorable even with lots of sightly codes in it.


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I don't think so if this is possible. What you can do, you can get all the data and save as JSON object.



var coreObject ={

GetIsoCountry:${coreObject.GetIsoCountry @ context='styleToken'},




This coreObject variable will be global variable and will be available through out the page scope.

Arun Patidar