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About Custom Email Step and Day CQ Mail Service


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I have written a custom email step in which I am using "email.setFrom(emailId)" to set the from email address for it but I see that it's not sending the mail from the from address I set using that snippet. It's actually picking up the smtp user from the Day CQ Mail Service and sending it from his email address. I am confused about it. Is it working as expected? Can anyone explain and confirm it?


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No, It should send mail from the email address which you are setting in code e.g. email.setFrom("abc.xyz@forum.com")

Please check below

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Creating custom AEM workflow steps that send email messages

Arun Patidar


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Tried it many times still, its sends from SMTP user's mail address only. email.setFrom() doesn't work. The snippet I am using is below,

Email email = new SimpleEmail();

MessageGateway<Email> messageGateway = messageGatewayService.getGateway(Email.class);



email.setContent(emailMessage, "text/html; charset=utf-8");


messageGateway.send((Email) email);


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Just for confirmation, I hope you are using org.apache.commons.mail.HtmlEmail or org.apache.commons.mail.SimpleEmail.

we were using since years which is working fine.

final Class<? extends Email> mailType = templatePath.endsWith(".html") ? HtmlEmail.class : SimpleEmail.class;

final Email email = mailTemplate.getEmail(StrLookup.mapLookup(params), mailType);



final MessageGateway<Email> messageGateway = messageGatewayService.getGateway(mailType);



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If I use this method it will still trigger the mail from SMTP user mail address and use the name "kira" which I entered here in this snippet. (i.e from address in the mail will be "kira <STMP mail address instead of the mail address I provide in the snippet>")


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We are facing the same issue. Were you able to find a fix for this?


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This seems to be an issue if we use google SMTP. I tried with the settings of a fake smtp server and it worked fine.