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A Comprehensive Guide on how to Create Vanity URL in AEM by Blog - NextRow


It’s important to have a short and meaningful URL structure for easy readability and SEO optimization. As an author or a developer, it would be confusing to generate vanity URLs in AEM. In this article, we would be seeing steps to generate vanity URLs.

Before we proceed on how to generate vanity URLs, lets first try to understand what Vanity URL is.

What is Vanity URL?
In simple terms, Vanity URL is a meaningful short form of the long URL.


Long URL: https://www.nextrow.com/adobe-experience-manager/aem-implementation-consulting

Vanity URL: https://www.nextrow.com/aem-implementation-consulting

What are the Advantages of using Vanity URLs?
Following are the 4 benefits of using Vanity URLs:
1. Easy to remember and pronounce.
2. Improves SEO: When vanity URLs are used appropriately, it can be a good marketing gold. Choose vanity URLs that compliments your existing marketing and SEO strategy.
3. Increase/create the brand awareness.
4. Build trust with the audience.

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A Comprehensive Guide on how to Create Vanity URL in AEM


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