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7 AEM As Cloud Service Local Login by AEM Tutorials


Video: https://youtu.be/1piBfpDS9Tg

This video showcases how we can enable the local login in AEM as cloud service.

While provisioning the AEM As Cloud Service program authentication is pre-configured with Adobe Identity Management Service (IMS). Previously, with AEM, customers would have to configure an Identity Provider (IDP) such as Active Directory or IMS.

The Admin Console allows administrators to centrally manage all Experience Cloud users.

AEM as a Cloud Service includes Admin Console support for AEM instances and Adobe Identity Management System (IMS for short) based authentication.

Adobe IMS Users, User Groups, and Product Profiles are used to control access to AEM and its features and functionalities. Adobe ID required.

IMS authentication support only for Author, Admin and Dev users. It does not offer support for external end users of customer sites like site visitors.

Onboarding Users in Admin Console

There are three ways to onboard users depending on the size of the customer and their preference: manually create users in Admin Console, upload a .csv file or sync users from the customer’s enterprise Active Directory.

Local Administrator Login

AEM can continue to support local logins for Admin users. The login screen has an option to log in locally:

Every author instance will have an AEM Administrators and AEM Users Profile and every publish instance will have an AEM Users Profile. You can add other profiles as needed.

users must belong to one of two groups ASM User-xxx or AEM Administrators-xxx. Note, you must be granted permissions to the instance, permissions to administer the associated Cloud Manager will not suffice.

To get admin level access to the AEM instance, add the user to the AEM Administrators Profile for that particular Product.

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7 AEM As Cloud Service Local Login


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