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3 AEM Assets Portal Benefits by KBWEB Consult


Adobe® Experience Manager Assets (AEM Assets) allows a marketing organization to organize the digital files used to market the business. But the assets may not only be used by the marketing organization, but also by internal and external partners to the marketing organization. Internal partners may include field sales organizations and international subsidiaries. External partners may include distributors, dealers, and companies that co-market products with the business.

#1 Filter Out Irrelevant Assets
One consideration is the fact that internal and external partners do not need, or even want, access to ALL the marketing assets of a business. The respondents to a 2018 IDC study managed a median of 15,000 assets and a mean of over 250,000 assets, most of which would not be pertinent to external partners. A partner without AEM Assets experience may become completely lost when trying to search the ENTIRE digital asset management (DAM) repository.

#2 Improve the asset search accuracy
Another consideration is that a partner may inadvertently find the “wrong” asset. For example:
->The partner may locate and use an expired asset, such as an old logo that has been replaced by a newer one.
->The partner may locate and use an asset that the partner is not authorized to see, such as an asset prepared for a competitor of the partner.

#3 Over 20% Content Velocity gains
A separate asset portal will not only ensure that partners can find their desired assets more quickly (offering a content velocity improvement of over 20%), but will also provide a guard to prevent partners from unintentionally using the wrong assets.

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3 AEM Assets Portal Benefits


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