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2021 Adobe Summit Recap: In a world where Multi-Channel Marketing scales, Marketo rules by Jordan Kanter


Imagine you are sitting in a movie theater (or in this case, 2021 Adobe Summit). The lights drop, the green preview screen comes on, and the booming voice of Don LaFontaine comes over the loudspeaker:

“In a world where Multi-Channel Marketing scales, Marketo Rules”
This year’s Adobe Summit introduced us to such a world. In this world, new business can come from any channel; you can switch very quickly between very interested and uninterested, ready for change and not so sure, high or low value. In this environment, organizations are looking for new tools and approaches to adapt.

Introducing a New B2B CDP
Last week, Adobe unveiled an advanced B2B CDP (Built on Adobe Experience Platform, or AEP) that on its face is game-changing. Leveraging real-time rules, business users can develop custom segments and activate on those in real-time to build complex sales funnels. Adobe’s true-to-form grand claims reveal how critical the Customer Data Platform is to Adobe’s long term vision. In session after session, Adobe showed how to activate consumers via complex funnels, and how businesses could use targeting to close larger deals faster.

However, Summit likely confused Marketo practitioners. In fact, a number of my clients asked me how this helps your run-of-the-mill Marketo shop or allows them to activate on an audience they couldn’t activate on before. In my most telling interaction of the week, I was struck by this question by a confused practitioner:

How does the Adobe Experience Platform CDP differ from Marketo Smart Lists ?
Marketo Smart Lists are dynamic, business-rule-driven lists of contacts in your database. They allow marketers to build infinite types of campaigns with many touchpoints. For example, Smart Lists enable custom nurture campaigns with varying send-times via a Custom Stream Cadence. Types of qualifiers for smart lists include channel, engagement level, behavior, demographic, or a specific data point onboarded from your favorite CRM.

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2021 Adobe Summit Recap: In a world where Multi-Channel Marketing scales, Marketo rules


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