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Video with multi-language closed captioning


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With AEM Mobile Manager we are having a bit of trouble digging up a solution.

We have videos that have 3 different closed captions for them.

We need the videos to be available offline so we know they need to be embedded, but does anyone have a solid recommendation on how we could put the videos into our articles but give the user the option for selecting the language of choice for closed captioning?

We are trying to look at this from two ways as if I'm correct this way should work but we might need to do it more manually.

1. AEM Mobile Manager - Using AEM video component so that it can be integrated with the closed captions and be available offline - assuming this would require an AEM developer to create the custom component?

2. Html articles - We might need to create the html articles manually which i'm assuming that means we would need a custom video player that would allow us to fulfill the closed captioning requirement. (Any suggestions?) As i know with indesign we can add the video but it's a pretty basic player that we couldn't find a solution to closed captioning languages.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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