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Using Cordova plug-ins in Android AEM Mobile


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Hello, I have a problem when I try to build an Android apk through the terminal.

I had followed all the steps that are here: Use Cordova plug-ins in AEM Mobile

But when I run into the terminal sudo aemm android build - device I get these errors: https://pastebin.com/GGKjQ6q2

Can anyone help me with this?

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So you get these errors when your run this correct?

aemm build android --device

Did you see this note:


If you are unable to build the app, we recommend that you uninstall NodeJS and install the current version of NodeJS (see the NodeJS site for details). In addition, run sudo npm uninstall -g aemm and then run sudo npm install -g aemm.

----------------------------------It appears like your problems are from missing dependencies.  For the error regarding https://jcenter.bintray.com/com/squareup/dagger/dagger/1.2.2/dagger-1.2.2.pom, could it be that your build machine doesn't have access to this site?  Can you hit it in your browser?


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Hi Andrew,

Yes, is this command:

aemm build android --device

Yes, I saw this note and I tried this approach, but still does not work.

And, yes I can access this URL by my browser.