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Overlay Panel STILL BUGGY after update


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This issue dates back nearly a year now from InDesign CC 2015 for Windows when the Overlays panel was updated. When overlays is clicked, options appear on top of each other as shown in the attached image. When this happens, the options are un-clickable and can't be used. The only way to fix this is to go into Appdata Local and Roaming folders and rename the en_GB etc folders to OLD.  That resets it temporarily, but in order to do that you have to close out of InDesign go to the folders, rename, then open back up.  It's a workaround and gets quite repetitive and annoying. I always hope with each update that this issue gets fixed, but it just keeps getting overlooked somehow by Adobe. Even with a new computer, latest version of InDesign CC 2017 and the latest panel update...STILL BUGGY!  Is there any way this could get looked into further with a better solution than the work around of constantly renaming the files?

Overlay Glitch.JPG

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