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Navigating to a Collection Browse Page


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I'm attempting to create a link that will take the user to a specific collection's browse page. The navto://collection/[collectionname] format works fine — except when I'm in an article in that collection. I'm guessing AEMM is going, "Well, I'm already in that collection, so nevermind," but I really need a way to use one link to take viewers to a collection's browse page, whether they're in that collection or not.

Does anyone have a working solution to this?



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I confirmed that the navto links don't jump to the collection if the source article is in the collection. I have never noticed that.

Using the navto://relative/parent format does work in that case. Will that work in your situation?

I'll ask around to see if this is considered a bug.


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Thanks for your reply! I actually started out using navto://relative/parent, but that doesn't work for articles outside of the collection.

We have a bit of an odd set up with this project, where we have a top level collection that houses all the articles, but it contains within it a collection that also houses all the articles. We need to be able to make a link that will go to the browse page of the collection within the top level collection, and because it's all the same article files both inside and outside of that collection, we can't use one link for articles within the collection and one for articles outside it, if that makes sense.

Thanks for asking around!