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Looking for a variety of Browse Screens


Level 6

I'd love to see what kinds of Browse Screens are being created within this community. I realize the limitations are simply restricted to conforming to a grid, and that the cards have to be somewhat rectangular in nature (even that can be faked w/ PNG transparency). Can you guys share some screen grabs of different layouts that you've done?  I'll start with the first product we put out on iOS: tablet and phone. Please share yours too!

IMG_0059.jpg IMG_0060.jpg


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Love this thread Tommy Can't wait to see what others post!



Level 6

There is the Twitter feed #MadeWithDPS, but I thought the community that is just experimenting - maybe doesn't have a final design yet, playing with different layouts... could share here in our li'l DPS 2015 community! Maybe get some feedback, share ideas, etc!

I'm looking forward to seeing what others post as well!