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I am trying to create a browse page with "3" card layouts and "1" banner. but trying to get the content to actually match up to the "card" design is not really working.

Please see the image below.

This is basically what i am trying to accomplish.  I have tried various methods from discussions on the forum etc. but to no avail.

I would like to know how you determine what "card design" takes precedence over the other cards. and how you exactly tell what "content" goes into what card design.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you.






I suggest using a 6x6 layout following this :


you should create cards and rules (2x1, 4x4, 3x2 etc..)

To tell what content (articles, collections or banners) goes where, you can play with rules and their properties (themes, categories etc..)

Use banners for what I put in grey, these are "separators" (a simple banner with a transparent .png as bg image)




just a few more questions if you don't mind.

lets say that I wanted a logo to go into the top left hand corner (2x1) card.  How do you determine that the "logo" will go in that position?

same with the (3x2) card... if I wanted to make that a banner for "Recipes" how do you determine that's what will go there?

I think this is where i am lost the most.

Thank you.




There are many ways to do so...

lets say you have created a card called 2x1 linked to your 6x6 layout. (publish)

Go to your 6x6 layout properties and in card mapping tab.

Create a new mapping rule (call it 2x1 for example).

You can leave the type on all, and just add "2x1" in the Theme .. again its an example.

Click next and choose the associated card for that rule (here the 2x1 card you just created). (Finish and publish)

Back to your content properties (article, collection or banner) you'd like to put in that top-left corner and just add "2x1" in the Theme

Add this content to your top level collection (or whatever collection you're working on) in you case this content must be a banner and must go in first place of the collection to appear top-left. (publish and preview)




Thanks again for your reply... you have used the word "Theme".

what section would be considered "Theme" ?

"Department" "Category"?





Two key points:

* The order of items in the browse page is determined by the order of items in the collection.

* The layout mapping rules determine which content gets mapped to which cards.

In other words, your would collection include the following items in this order:

  1. Banner 1 (2x1)
  2. Dummy banner 1 (4x2)
  3. Dummy banner 2 (3x3)
  4. Content 1 (3x2)
  5. Content 2 (1x2)
  6. Content 3 (2x2)
  7. Content 4 (2x2)
  8. Content 5 (1x2)

You would need to create at least 6 cards: 2x1, 4x2, 3x3, 3x2, 1x2, and 2x2.

You would then create a 6-column layout with mapping rules that associate the content with the correct card. For example, your 2x1 banner might have an internal keyword of "top" and your dummy banners would have keywords set to "4x2" and "3x3."

This is one approach. You might want to watch the videos on this page for more guidance:

Digital Publishing Solution Help | Create cards and layouts




Bob is right (and more accurate )

and yes it's all about keywords... I have the french version so I can't figure out a good translation.

Bob, it's a question I had by the way.. is it possible to switch the language of the dashboard to English for example?