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IOS AEM Mobile Magazine Downloads will not finish or time out.


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We are experiencing problems with our IOS magazine apps. Downloads seem to either time out or never fully complete. Tried several Ipads and Iphones running 10.3.2 and 10.3.3. Seems to be IOS specific as I could not replicate the problem with Android or Windows. I could not find anything on the forums, and saw that there was a Hot Fix 2017.6.6 (June 6) for something similar (see below). I have rebuilt the app several times to no avail.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hot Fix 2017.6.6 (June 6)

iOS Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where when downloading a large article, the downloading process times out when it is only 80% complete, and the user is prompted to refresh.
  • Fixed an issue where content was not loading on iPhones that are running on version 10.3.


  • Fixed a bug where clicking the preflight icon was not providing instant feedback that it is attempting to engage the preflight workflow so the user does not try clicking again.
  • Fixed a bug where customized paywalls were becomng opaque, instead of transparent, when selecting dark themes.
  • Fixed a bug where when a layout is selected to be copied, the layout is copied to the publication that is initially selected when the copy window opens, instead of the publication that was selected in the Target project dialog box.
  • Fixed a bug where the Entitlement service had stopped sending cover dates.

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Hi there,

I'd recommend you get a customer care ticket opened to have them triage this and get something reproducible into their hands so we can dig into this more closely.

ref:Contact Customer Care


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Thanks for responding Darren. Can you give me direct line or email to do this? The link for AEMM under Customer Support says it cannot be reached..