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HTML article packager not working in Windows 10


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I installed the Windows version of the article packager from here, Digital Publishing Solution Help | Install tools for DPS 2015. I run the msi installer, it all seemed to work and I have a "HTML Article Packager" icon on my desktop. If I drag and drop the 'blueArticle01' folder from the sample files (downloaded here Get started with Digital Publishing Solution | Adobe Digital Publishing Solution tutorials) a command prompt flashes up for a moment, disappears and no article file is created.

I've worked around this by opening an elevated command prompt in the directory in which the blueArticle01 folders resides, and running article-packager.exe from there, it's a bit clunky though. Does anyone have any tips as to how to get this working via the drag and drop method?



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Hi Toby,

After you have drag and drop the folder into the HTML Article Packager tool, have you checked the content of that folder ?

In case, you have the HTML Article Packager on the desktop and the main folder on a different location, the resulting .article file will show up where the folder is located not on the desktop ;

Another approach you can use is to put the main folder in the same place as the HTML Article Packager (let's say on the desktop), in this way you will be certain that the article file will be appear in the same place as the folder.

Probably a feature request idea for this tool will be to have a pop-up alert with the message : "Article created at nameofthepath" , in this way we will know that the .article has been created and where.




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Hi Toby,

Please try this workaround (it also works in Windows 10 64-bit) :

I had the same problem (When I drag the folder onto the HTML Article Packager, nothing happens) on Windows 8 64-bit until I copied all the files on USB key ( into G:\DPS_2015) to try on the different PC:

3 files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\ArticlePackager


HTML Article Packager shortcut from desktop.

Then for HTML Article Packager change properties "Target" and "Start in" to




Copy article's folder (e.g. blueArticle01) into G:\DPS_2015

And now drop that folder onto our new HTML Article Packager shortcut inside the G:\DPS_2015.

Say your prayers and look for the created file G:\DPS_2015\blueArticle01.article

Moved it to D\DPS_2015 and it still works.

You've got an idea, right?



Just would like to add that it also works in Windows 10 64-bit and that you may also edit the article-packager.bat file and change 1st line into "echo on" and add one last line "pause", so you may see the errors article-packager.exe is sending. When there is a bug you may see this error (at least I had it) in the output "Error: wrong number of arguments, 4".

echo on



cd %1

for %%* in (.) do set CurrDirName=%%~nx*

cd ..

SET ARTICLE_PATH=%cd%\%CurrDirName%.article

"%~dp0\article-packager.exe" "%1" index.html "%ARTICLE_PATH%"

# set /p DUMMY=Hit ENTER to continue...