Help with Updating a DPS 2014 App to DPS 2015 with App Name Change



I have a live app that was built using DPS App Builder (2014). The app has had an overhaul in InDesign and has been structured differently in the DPS Portal (2015) with collection / article names, splash screens, cards / layouts, etc. From what I understand through my reading about migration, a migration would not apply. I want the app I created in the DPS Portal (2015) to replace the live app created in DPS App Builder (2014) in iTunes Connect with an app name change using the same bundle ID.

#1. I want to change the name of the app (the name that appears under the app icon) from "Innovations" to "Design Guide". It is named “Innovations” in DPS App Builder (2014) but I have named the app “Design Guide” in the DPS Portal (2015). Will “Design Guide” overwrite “Innovations”?

#2. Will the new assets in the DPS Portal (2015) overwrite the old assets assigned in DPS App Builder (2014)?

Anything else I should look for or be aware of?

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